Central Gas

About The System

CGC shall furnish the design supply and installation of central piped gas system as described in the DCD approved drawings & specification all in perfect work to the satisfaction of the engineer and in the accordance with the relevant accepted codes of practice and standards .The system shall meet the requirements of local authorities and civil defense approval. This work shall include but not limited to the following :

  • Storage tank
  • Gas pipe work
  • Filling line
  • Risers / Droppers
  • Appliance connection
  • Gas leak detection system
  • Pressure regulation and distribution panels
About The System

The work covered under this section shall include all the supply, installation, testing, commissioning & maintenance of a complete system.


Horizontal, vertical and underground tanks are installing as per clients requirement.
The tank is fully equipped with the following :

  • Magnetic level gauge
  • Double check filler valve
  • Multivalve assembly
  • Safety relief valve
  • Check lock for liquid withdrawal
  • Check lock for drain

LPG Tank control

There are numbers of fittings, factory mounted on the top of the tank to permit safe filling and use these controls are under a hood, which should be kept locked (if the tank itself is not fenced). Each tank is equipped with a least a magnetic liquid level indicator. The liquid level indicator (float gauge) gives the customer an approximate indication of the liquid level inside the tank in percentage.

  • A fixed maximum level gauge eg. The vent valve type, with 1.5mm or less orifice diameter.
  • A shutoff valve for each connection of the outlet pipes for both gaseous and liquid phases.
  • A double check valve on the filling connection if the filling point is located on the tank, if the filling point is located at the end of a pipe branched to the tank, it shall be equipped. with a check valve at the filling end and the connection of such pipe to tank shall equipped with another check valve.
  • The 1st stage regulator is fitted to the vapor connection to provide the gas supply to the customer, there is a shut off valve on this connection which can be used to isolate the tank.


Seamless carbon steel pipe or copper pipes are used according to the design. The underground pipes should be protected with bituminous protection tape.


Filling line pipes are seamless carbon steel pipes sch-80 with high pressure carbon steel fitting. Shut off and non return valves are provided at the filling point, which is located at ground floor level, filling point is secured inside ventilated locked box


Risers & lateral pipe works should in seamless carbon steel pipe Sch-40.

  • The final connection to the appliance are in flexible hose.
  • Hoses are used on the low pressure side of the regulators.
  • Each connection points are provided with a service close to the appliance so that the equipment can be isolated and removed, without having to shutdown the whole gas supply system.
  • Valves are designed for use with LPG
  • A gas detector is installed in each kitchen.


Gas tank and all OTS gas pipe are protected with a gas leak detection system.

  • A central control panel (including sensors) flashing light alarms and horn for 15%level and closing the gas supply at 30% level.0-100% level indicator each zone.
  • The gas control panel is inter locked with the fire alarms panel
  • Gas leak detector on the tank area is explosion proof.


  • An adequate number of first aid fire extinguishers, suitable for LPG fire(such a dry powder) are located at strategic points adjacent to the installation


  • As an extra safety measure, tank is protected with a sprinkler system; it is manually and automatically operable.
  • The sprinkler system is connected to the fire fighting system of the building (direct to wet riser)


Panel is located on the roof level with enclosure constructed from heavy-duty aluminum sheet with approved lock and locked doors

  • Shut off valves
  • Solenoid valve
  • Bypass
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pressure gauge
  • Test point


This system includes

  • Cables and accessories
  • Electrical switch (close to the control panel) this system is connected to the solenoid valve 12V in the distribution panel