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Our safety system


A safety and environmental philosophy is normally developed for the project. It is formulated to ensure that hazards, which can affect the safety of the personnel, the integrity of the facilitates and the conservation of the environment, are properly and adequately considered. In doing so, all legislative requirements are observed and complied with and the appropriate codes and standards are introduced onto the execution of work to ensure the retentions of good and well proven engineering practice throughout.

Probable hazards are established by comprehensive analysis.
He appropriate safety and environmental system and procedures are then in corporate into the project.

The principal objectives are:

  • To provide a safe working environment for personnel
  • To provide minimize the potential of hazardous occurrence
  • To avoid exposure to the potential hazards
  • To contain or minimize the effect of hazards
  • To provide means of escape from hazards
  • To provide environment protection



In addition to regular site safety meeting under the direction of the project manager and safety engineer outlined in project execution tool box meeting also be periodically arranged by the members of the CGCs Field supervision to remind sub contractors supervisor and labour of their responsibilities towards ensuring site safety and ensure they are informed for current practices.

Regular information will be developed by CGC for its employee in order to make them aware of any hazards associated with fieldwork progress.

For this purpose CGC will, as part of the site prevention programme, provide field bulletin boards, which will include posters, general instruction prevention score boards and the like. These boards will be located at strategic points throughout the site in order to keep personnel informed on all safety matters.


The main provision of the safety manual that project manager will distribute after owners approval, to all field personnel are summarized in the following subsections:

  • Personnel protection equipment
  • Fire prevention
  • Mobile equipment and rigging practices
  • Excavation and rigging practices
  • Ladders and scaffolding safety
  • Transportation safety
  • Radiography
  • Work permits
  • House keeping
  • Emergency situation
  • Reporting of accidents
  • Procedure to obtain first aid/ assistance for injuries.
  • To contain or minimize the effect of hazards
  • To provide means of escape from hazards
  • To provide environment protection
1. Personnel protective equipment

The provision and use of personal protective equipment by all the labour force is considered to be an essential part of safe construction practices. This includes the wearing at all times of safety hats and footwears, and the use of goggle, gloves and safety belts, breathing apparatus as may be required by particular operation

2. Fire prevention

CGC will provide and maintain in good working order such firefighting equipment and facilitates it may be necessary in order to control and extinguish any fires that may occur within their working area. The requirements of client and local regulations would be complied with and personnel would be trained in the use of the fire protection equipment provided.

3. Mobile equipment and rigging practices

All lifting equipment including cranes, chains, hooks slings and shackles will be inspected and maintained in good construction practice and clients standards

4. Excavation and form work safety

CGC will enforce any excavation work and the preparation and erection of form work carried out by GME will be in full compliance with the requirement of client safety manual.

5. Ladders scaffolding safety

Ladders will be of timber or metal or of an approved type erected and used in a safe manner

6. Transportation

Particular attention will be paid to all matter relating to safety in use of motor vehicle and construction equipment
All CGC drivers and equipment operators will be qualified to ensure their capabilities and field safety acquaintance

7. Work permits

Work permits will be obtained prior to the commencement of any work within owner specified restricted area when applicable.

8. Housekeeping

CGC will comply with the established and continued operation of a good housekeeping program is an important factor in ensuring that lost time is kept to a minimum and may be considered to include, amongst other things.

  • The regular collection and removal to a suitable disposal point of debris, garbage etc
  • Provision and maintenance of good sanitary facilities and sanitation practice
  • Prevention of personnel entering the work site if suffering from any contagious disease
  • Provision and maintenance of adequate first aid facilities on the job site
  • Emergency situations
9. Emergency situation:

CGC will develop action plans to cater for emergency situations incorporating clients requirements and will ensure that subcontractor personnel are aware of the procedures.

Periodic reviews will be undertaken with clients representatives.

10. Reporting of accidents

Client will be informed in a case of:

  • All injuries to personnel requiring medical attention
  • All damage to CGC or subcontractor plant and equipment
  • All damage to clients equipment is property
  • All fires


CGC expects that clients has already developed various safety standards, which will be applicable to this project CGC will be include in the safety manual a summary of the standards indicating the associated responsibilities at field


Reports to : Project manager
Supervises : Site engineer and supervisor of sub contractors


In day to day operations he has the responsibility to provide all levels of supervision with the services and technical advice needed for proper compliance of the job site safety program. He is responsible to the project manager for objective and independent accident prevention judgments, which will make the job site program effective


  • Develop guidance and programs to eliminate physical hazards from the job site substitute safe practices for any unsafe practices of contactor and subcontractor personnel
  • Formulates recommend and administer all approval changes in the accident prevention program
  • monitor all area supervision by regular reports system personally investigating serious accident
  • Maintain an adequate report system, personally investigating serious accidents and taking corrective action to take eliminative accident causes
  • Co operative with sub contractors supervisors in establishing training of their personnel when required
  • Conduct inspection to discovered and initiate corrective action on unsafe conditions or work practice through site patrolling and monitoring
  • Monitor sub contractors for full compliance with governmental rules bearing on construction safety.
  • Recommended to sub contractors programmers and activities that will stimulate and maintain the interest in safety. Assure posting of appropriate safety signs, posters, bulletins etc, and require subcontractor supply for periodic changes. Check that proper warning signs and tags are used.
  • Prepare and submit safety audits monthly to the clients safety engineer
  • Supervise job site security and traffic control personnel
  • Call and conduct safety meetings
  • Establish first aid center with adequate facilities

Note: Sub contractors means
Fire fighting contractors
Electrical sub contractors
Civil sub contractors